Vancouver Goals

The spontaneous trip to Vancouver, BC with two of my favorite co-workers! This trip was literally planned with less than a weeks notice. It all started when my friend Kelby mentioned she wanted to go to Canada to catch a game for the Women’s World Cup; and of course I was down! This was also my first trip out of the country EVER!! Allie was able to join us to complete our little trio. Our initial plan was to get to Vancouver a day early. Explore on day one, game on day two, and leave on day three; but Vancouver was full of sweet surprises that quickly altered our plan. Here are a few of my favorite things from the trip.

Stanley Park: There were sailboats, sculptures, and totem poles… what more could you ask for?


Game Day! USA vs. Nigeria: The game was close and exciting but USA won in the end with a 1-0 victory!

Hiking Grouse Mountain! This was one of the most rewarding challenges I have ever faced! I grew up on the coast with not even a hill in sight. I was definitely not prepared for the hike up the mountain but was rewarded with a beautiful view once we made it to the top.

The Market on Granville Island: This market was everything! From decadent chocolates to crisp vegetables to fresh caught salmon. The trip ended with a stop by a brewery to try some of Canada’s beer.

Sunset Park: This was the highlight of the trip for me! I love the idea of people coming together to watch the sunset. And let me tell you the sunset did not disappoint!


The trip was such an amazing experience for me. From being my first trip out of the country to enjoying an easy public transportation system to having sweet people to enjoy the trip with. Even when extending our trip to almost five days we still were not able to see all that we wanted to. I would definatley recommend at least a week for this destination!


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